Del. Code tit. 24 § 101

Current through 2023 Legislative Session Act Chapter 240
Section 101 - Objectives and functions

The primary objective of the Board of Accountancy, to which all other objectives and purposes are secondary, is to protect the general public (specifically those persons who are direct recipients of services regulated by this chapter) from unsafe practices, including incompetent auditing, accounting and tax services rendered by certificate and permit holders, and from occupational practices which tend to reduce competition or fix the price of services rendered. Secondary objectives of the Board include maintaining minimum standards of competency in accounting, auditing and tax services rendered by certificate and permit holders and maintaining minimum standards in the delivery of such services to the public. In meeting its objectives, the Board shall develop standards assuring professional competence, shall monitor complaints brought against practitioners regulated by the Board, adjudicate such complaints at formal hearings, promulgate rules and regulations, and impose sanctions where necessary against practitioners.

24 Del. C. § 101

71 Del. Laws, c. 139, § 1.;