Del. Code tit. 21 § 6103

Current through 2024 Legislative Session Act Chapter 254
Section 6103 - Records required of owners of rented vehicles; inspection; forms
(a) Every person engaged in the business of renting motor vehicles without drivers, who rents any such vehicle without a driver, otherwise than as part of a bona fide transaction involving the sale of such motor vehicle, shall maintain a record of the identity of the person to whom the vehicle is rented and the exact time the vehicle is the subject of such rental or in possession of the person.
(b) Whoever, being an owner, fails to make or have in possession or refuses an inspection of the record required in this section, shall be fined in such amount or imprisoned for such term, or both, as the court, in its discretion, may determine.
(c) If the Secretary prescribes a form for the keeping of the record provided for in this section, the owner shall use such form.

21 Del. C. § 6103

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