N.Y. Ins. Law § 1504

Current through 2022 NY Law Chapter 495
Section 1504 - Reporting; examination; publication
(1) Every controlled insurer shall file with the superintendent such reports or material as the superintendent may direct for the purpose of disclosing information concerning the operations of persons within the holding company system that may materially affect the operations, management or financial condition of the insurer.
(2) To determine compliance with this article, the superintendent may order any controlled insurer to produce information not in the insurer's possession if the insurer can obtain access to the information pursuant to contractual relationships, statutory obligations, or other method. In the event the insurer cannot obtain the information requested by the superintendent, the insurer shall provide the superintendent a detailed explanation of the reason that the insurer cannot obtain the information and the identity of the holder of information. Whenever it appears to the superintendent that the detailed explanation is without merit, in addition to any other penalty provided by law, the superintendent, after notice and an opportunity to be heard, may levy a penalty against the insurer not to exceed five hundred dollars per day for each day beyond the date specified by the superintendent for response.
(b) Every holding company and every controlled person within a holding company system shall be subject to examination by order of the superintendent if the superintendent has cause to believe that the operations of such persons may materially affect the operations, management or financial condition of any controlled insurer within the system, including by posing enterprise risk to the insurer, and that the superintendent is unable to obtain relevant information from such controlled insurer. The grounds relied upon by the superintendent for such examination shall be stated in the superintendent's order.

Such examination shall be confined to matters specified in the order.

The cost of such examination shall be assessed against the person examined and no portion thereof shall thereafter be reimbursed to it directly or indirectly by the controlled insurer.

(c) The superintendent shall keep the contents of each report made pursuant to this article and any information obtained in connection therewith confidential and shall not make the same public without the prior written consent of the controlled insurer to which it pertains unless the superintendent after notice and an opportunity to be heard, shall determine that the interests of policyholders, shareholders or the public will be served by the publication thereof. In any action or proceeding by the superintendent against the person examined or any other person within the same holding company system a report of such examination published by the superintendent shall be admissible as evidence of the facts stated therein.

N.Y. Ins. Law § 1504

Amended by New York Laws 2013, ch. 238,Sec. 5, eff. 7/31/2013.