N.Y. Fam. Ct. Act § 625

Current through 2020 NY Law Chapter 286
Section 625 - Sequence of hearings
(a) Upon completion of the fact-finding hearing, the dispositional hearing may commence immediately after the required findings are made; provided, however, that if all parties consent the court may, upon motion of any party or upon its own motion, dispense with the dispositional hearing and make an order of disposition on the basis of competent evidence admitted at the fact-finding hearing. Where the disposition ordered is the commitment of guardianship and custody in accordance with section six hundred thirty-four of this part, an initial freed child permanency hearing and all subsequent permanency hearings shall be held in accordance with article ten-A of this act.
(b) Reports prepared by the probation service or a duly authorized agency for use by the court prior to the making of an order of disposition shall be deemed confidential information furnished to the court which the court in a proper case may, in its discretion, withhold from or disclose in whole or in part to the child's attorney, counsel, party in interest, or other appropriate person. Such reports may not be furnished to the court prior to the completion of a fact-finding hearing, but may be used in a dispositional hearing or in the making of an order of disposition without a dispositional hearing pursuant to subdivision (a) of this section.

N.Y. Family Court Law § 625