N.Y. Econ. Dev. Law § 175

Current through 2024 NY Law Chapters 1-59 and 61-121
Section 175 - General functions, powers and duties of the commissioner

The commissioner is hereby directed:

1. To establish and administer an Erie/Barge canal challenge grant program in coordination with the department of transportation, pursuant to section one hundred seventy-six of this article, within amounts appropriated therefor;
2. To assist municipalities, in coordination with the board, on the Erie/Barge canal plan canal-related activities for tourism development purposes;
3. To collect, coordinate, and disseminate information, in coordination with the board, on canal-related activities along the entire canal that promote and encourage tourism development; and
4. To do all things necessary, desirable and convenient to carry out its powers, functions and duties.

N.Y. Economic Development Law § 175