N.Y. Econ. Dev. Law § 162

Current through 2024 NY Law Chapters 1-49, 52, and 61-117
Section 162 - Definitions

As used in this act, unless the context requires otherwise:

(a) "tourist promotion agency" means any not-for-profit corporation, or other nonprofit organization, association or agency which shall be designated by resolution of the county legislature or other governing body of any county, or upon designation of the mayor of the city of New York, as the agency authorized to make application for and receive grants for the purposes specified in this act; and
(b) "recognized advertising" means media advertising and promotional materials to be distributed in accordance with a plan approved by the commissioner.
(c) "Regional advertising program" means the use of media advertising and promotion materials for purposes of promoting tourism to be distributed in accordance with a plan approved by the commissioner and developed by either:
(1) more than one county within a single department tourism region; or
(2) one or more counties and their contiguous states and/or Canadian provinces, provided that such county or counties must also participate, to the extent required by guidelines established pursuant to subdivision (e) of section one hundred sixty-four of this article, in an approved program under paragraph one or three of this subdivision; or
(3) one or more counties in each of at least two department tourism regions for the purposes of promoting interregional tourism stemming from specific themes or characteristics shared by the department tourism regions.

N.Y. Economic Development Law § 162