Colo. Rev. Stat. § 38-35-105

Current through Chapter 67 of the 2024 Legislative Session
Section 38-35-105 - Foreign instruments, prima facie evidence

All deeds, powers of attorney, agreements, or other instruments in writing conveying, encumbering, or affecting title to real property in this state purporting to have been acknowledged or proved out of this state before a notary public or other officer empowered by the laws of this state to take acknowledgments, if the form of acknowledgment is in substantial compliance with the laws of the state or territory where taken or in substantial compliance with the requirement of this article, shall be deemed prima facie to have been properly acknowledged or proved before proper officers, and such deeds or other instruments in writing or the record thereof or a certified copy of the record thereof shall be received as prima facie evidence of the execution, acknowledgment, and delivery thereof.

C.R.S. § 38-35-105

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