Colo. Rev. Stat. § 30-10-406

Current through Acts effective through 5/29/2024 of the 2024 Legislative Session
Section 30-10-406 - County clerk and recorder - duties - filing requirements
(1) The county clerk shall be ex officio recorder of deeds and shall have custody of and safely keep and preserve all the documents received for recording or filing in his or her office. As used in this part 4, unless the context otherwise requires, "document" includes electronic filings. During the hours the office is open for business, the clerk and recorder shall also record or cause to be recorded in print, or in a plain and distinct handwriting, or electronically, in suitable books or electronic records to be provided and kept in the clerk and recorder's office, all documents authorized by law to be recorded in his or her office and shall perform all other duties required by law.
(2) Upon recording any document to which a documentary fee applies, the clerk and recorder shall forward a clear, complete, and accurate copy of such document to the office of the county assessor. The clerk and recorder may forward the copy electronically to said office.
(a) All documents received for recording or filing in the clerk and recorder's office, except a verification of application form as defined in section 38-29-102(13), C.R.S., shall contain a top margin of at least one inch and a left, right, and bottom margin of at least one-half of an inch. The clerk and recorder may refuse to record or file any document that does not conform to the requirements of this paragraph (a).
(b) Repealed.
(4) The county clerk and recorder shall perform the duties prescribed in article 22 of title 15, C.R.S., with respect to the recording and processing of designated beneficiary agreements and revocations of such agreements.

C.R.S. § 30-10-406

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