Colo. Rev. Stat. § 18-18-607

Current through Acts effective through 6/5/2024 of the 2024 Legislative Session
Section 18-18-607 - Safe stations - disposal of controlled substances - medical evaluation - definition
(a) Upon arrival to a safe station, a person may turn in any controlled substances and request assistance in gaining access to treatment for a substance use disorder. Safe station personnel shall utilize current procedures and protocols for the disposal of the controlled substances.
(b) A person who turns in one or more controlled substances pursuant to subsection (1)(a) of this section is not subject to arrest or prosecution for possession of such controlled substances.
(2) Reasonable efforts should be taken by safe station personnel to determine if the person is in need of immediate medical attention and facilitate transportation to an appropriate medical facility, if necessary. If the person does not require immediate medical attention, the safe station personnel shall provide the person with information about the behavioral health crisis response system, created in section 27-60-103, to help identify available treatment options and, if practicable, provide transportation for the person to the most appropriate facility for treatment of a substance use disorder. Information about the crisis hotline must be developed by the BHA and be provided to safe stations for distribution.
(3) This section does not apply if safe station personnel are not available to assist a person who arrives at a safe station for disposal of a controlled substance.
(4) As used in this section, unless the context otherwise requires, a "safe station" means any municipal police station or county sheriff's office.

C.R.S. § 18-18-607

Amended by 2022 Ch. 222,§45, eff. 7/1/2022.
Amended by 2021 Ch. 362,§29, eff. 6/28/2021.
Added by 2020 Ch. 288,§5, eff. 9/14/2020.
L. 2020: Entire section added, (HB 20-1017), ch. 1424, p. 1424, § 5, effective September 14. L. 2021: (4) amended, (SB 21-137), ch. 2382, p. 2382, § 29, effective June 28.

For the short title ("Behavioral Health Recovery Act of 2021") and the legislative declaration in SB 21-137, see sections 1 and 2 of chapter 362, Session Laws of Colorado 2021.