Md. Code, Tax-Gen. § 1-406

Current with changes from the 2023 Legislative Session
Section 1-406 - Construction

Nothing in this subtitle may be construed to:

(1) preempt, limit, or restrict the authority or discretion of the Comptroller to investigate or enforce a violation of this article;
(2) limit any power otherwise granted in this article or other laws to the Comptroller, Attorney General, State agencies, or local governments to investigate or enforce possible violations of this article;
(3) authorize a private right of action involving a violation of this article, except as specifically authorized in this article;
(4) prevent or prohibit a person from voluntarily disclosing any information concerning a violation of this article to any law enforcement agency or self-regulatory organization; or
(5) preempt, limit, restrict, or otherwise affect the rights and rewards provided to qui tam plaintiffs under the Maryland False Claims Act.

Md. Code, TG § 1-406

Added by 2021 Md. Laws, Ch. 515,Sec. 1, eff. 10/1/2021.