Md. Code, State Gov't § 10-617

Current with changes from the 2020 Legislative Session
Section 10-617 - Nonofficial materials
(a) A public official may offer to the Archives or may destroy any of the following materials that the public official no longer needs:
(1) a book, magazine, or newspaper;
(2) other library or museum material that was made or acquired for reference or exhibition purposes;
(3) an extra copy of a document that was kept only for convenience of reference;
(4) a stock of publications;
(5) an acceptance or refusal of an invitation or engagement of a public officer; and
(6) material that otherwise relates to personal business of a public officer.
(b) The State Archivist may set classes of materials that the public official may destroy if the public official no longer needs the materials.

Md. Code, SG § 10-617