Md. Code, Pub. Safety § 14-110.3

Current with changes from the 2020 Legislative Session through Ch. 18
Section 14-110.3 - Emergency plans for kidney dialysis centers
(a) In this section, "kidney dialysis center" has the meaning stated in § 19-3B-01 of the Health - General Article.
(b) A kidney dialysis center shall have an emergency plan.
(c) An emergency plan shall include policies and procedures that will be followed before, during, and after an emergency to address:
(1) the safe management of individuals who are receiving services at the kidney dialysis center when an emergency occurs;
(2) notification of patients, families, staff, and licensing authorities regarding actions that will be taken concerning the provision of dialysis services to the individuals served by the kidney dialysis center;
(3) staff coverage, organization, and assignment of responsibilities; and
(4) the continuity of operations, including procedures to secure access to essential goods, equipment, and dialysis services.
(1) This subsection does not prohibit a kidney dialysis center from applying for and receiving reimbursement:
(i) under any applicable insurance policy; or
(ii) from any State or federal funds that may be available due to a declared State or federal emergency.
(2) A kidney dialysis center is solely responsible for any financial obligation arising from voluntary or mandatory activation of any aspect of the emergency plan developed by the kidney dialysis center under this section.
(e) For purposes of coordinating local emergency planning efforts, a kidney dialysis center shall provide access to the emergency plans developed under this section to local organizations for emergency management.

Md. Code, PS § 14-110.3