Md. Code, Lab. & Empl. § 4-213

Current through 2021 Legislative Session
Section 4-213 - Objection to consent election
(1) Within 5 days after the Mediation Service provides the tally of ballots for a consent election, a party to the consent election may object to:
(i) the conduct of the consent election; or
(ii) other conduct affecting the result of the consent election.
(2) A party shall object in a timely manner, even if the number of challenged ballots is not sufficient to affect the result of the consent election.
(b) An objection under this section shall:
(1) be in writing; and
(2) state concisely each reason for the objection.
(c) Each party who makes an objection shall:
(1) submit to the Mediation Service:
(i) 4 copies of the objection; and
(ii) proof of service under item (2) of this subsection; and
(2) serve immediately a copy of the objection on each other party.
(d) The Mediation Service shall investigate each objection submitted in accordance with this section.

Md. Code, LE § 4-213