Md. Code, Corp. & Ass'ns § 2-209

Current with changes from the 2022 Legislative Session effective on or before 6/1/2022, through Ch. 238
Section 2-209 - Stock ledger
(a) Each corporation shall maintain, or cause to be maintained on its behalf, a stock ledger which contains:
(1) The name and address of each stockholder; and
(2) The number of shares of stock of each class or series that the stockholder holds.
(b) The stock ledger may be in written form or in any other form that complies with § 2-114 of this title.
(c) The original or a duplicate of the stock ledger shall be maintained:
(1) By the corporation at the principal office of the corporation or at any other office or agency specified in the bylaws; or
(2) By or on behalf of the corporation in any form that complies with § 2-114 of this title.

Md. Code, CA § 2-209

Amended by 2019 Md. Laws, Ch. 288,Sec. 1, eff. 10/1/2019.