S.C. Code § 58-39-120

Current through 2023 Act No. 102.
Section 58-39-120 - Definitions

As used in this chapter:

(A) "AC" means alternating current, as measured at the point of interconnection of the renewable energy facility to the interconnecting electrical utility's transmission or distribution system.
(B) "Avoided costs" means payments for purchases of electricity made according to an electrical utility's most recently approved or established avoided cost rates in this State or rates negotiated pursuant to PURPA, in the year the costs are incurred, for purchases of electricity from qualifying facilities pursuant to Section 210 of the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act, said costs to be calculated as set forth in Section 58-39-140(A)(1).
(C) "Distributed energy resource" (DER) means demand- and supply-side resources that can be deployed throughout the system of an electrical utility to meet the energy and reliability needs of the customers served by that system, including, but not limited to, renewable energy facilities, managed loads (including electric vehicle charging), energy storage, and other measures necessary to incorporate renewable generation resources, including load management and ancillary services, such as reserves, voltage control, and reactive power, and black start capabilities.
(D) "Electrical utility" shall be defined as in Section 58-27-10 of the 1976 Code, provided, however, that electrical utilities serving less than 100,000 customer accounts shall be exempt from the provisions of this chapter.
(E) "Renewable energy facility" means a facility that generates electric power by the use of a renewable generation resource that was placed in service for use by or to provide power to an electrical utility after January 1, 2014. A "renewable energy facility" also shall mean any incremental capacity installed after January 1, 2014, that delivers energy from a renewable generation resource.
(F) "Renewable generation resource" means solar photovoltaic and solar thermal resources, wind resources, low-impact hydroelectric resources, geothermal resources, tidal and wave energy resources, recycling resources, hydrogen fuel derived from renewable resources, combined heat and power derived from renewable resources, and biomass resources.

S.C. Code § 58-39-120

Added by 2014 S.C. Acts, Act No. 236 (SB 1189), s 2, eff. 6/2/2014.

2014 Act No. 236, Section 9, provides as follows:

"SECTION 9. If the application of the provisions of this act to any wholesale electrical contract existing on the date of its adoption is determined to impair unlawfully any term of such contract or to add material costs to either party, then that contract will be exempt from the terms of this act to the extent necessary to cure such impairment or to avoid the imposition of additional material costs."