S.C. Code § 5-31-2010

Current through 2020 Act No. 169.
Section 5-31-2010 - Declaration of legislative findings and intent

The General Assembly takes note of the fact that incorporated cities and towns (municipalities) throughout the State have in many instances experienced considerable growth with the result that sewage collection and treatment facilities must be extended and enlarged in order to serve all of the persons residing within the corporate limits. Such extensions and enlargements are customarily paid from ad valorem taxes levied throughout the municipality and from sewer service charges. However, it appears that in some instances the cost of constructing all or a portion of such facilities can be more equitably distributed by assessing all or a portion of the cost of constructing sewer laterals against the properties facing thereon.

The General Assembly concludes that in order to facilitate the construction and operation of sewer systems by municipalities, all municipalities should be granted all of the powers set forth in this article.

In view of the foregoing, the General Assembly has determined to confirm in the governing body of each municipality the power:

(1) To place into effect, revise, enforce, and collect a schedule of charges for its sewage collection service and
(2) to adopt and enforce regulations requiring all properties to which sewer service is available to connect to the municipality's sewage collection facilities as now existing or hereafter improved; and to give the governing body of each municipality in addition to those powers already vested in them, the power:
(a) To contract with any public or private agency operating a water system for the collection of such sewer charges;
(b) to make regulations generally with respect to the discharge of sewage and the use of privies, septic tanks and any other type of sewage facilities;
(c) to impose front-foot assessments against properties abutting the sewage collection laterals; and
(d) to make unpaid sewer service charges a lien against the property served.

It is the legislative intent of this article that it shall be deemed complementary and supplementary to existing laws relating to any municipalities and to add to the powers, functions and duties committed to the several governing bodies thereof in order that all municipalities may fulfill their function of preserving the public health, and provide for all those who own, use or occupy dwellings, commercial buildings or other structures therein. In enacting this article, the General Assembly exercises its general police powers having found that such exercise was necessary for the maintenance and preservation of the health of the inhabitants of the State. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to be in derogation of the powers of the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

S.C. Code § 5-31-2010