Ga. Code § 9-2-60

Current through 2023-2024 Legislative Session Chapters 1-600 and 602-709
Section 9-2-60 - Dismissal for want of prosecution; costs; recommencement within six months
(a) For the purposes of this Code section, an order of continuance will be deemed an order and the word "proceedings" shall be held to include, but shall not be limited to, an appeal from an award of assessors or a special master in a condemnation proceeding.
(b) Any action or other proceeding filed in any of the courts of this state in which no written order is taken for a period of five years shall automatically stand dismissed with costs to be taxed against the party plaintiff.
(c) When an action is dismissed under this Code section, if the plaintiff recommences the action within six months following the dismissal then the renewed action shall stand upon the same footing, as to limitation, with the original action.

OCGA § 9-2-60