Ga. Code § 53-2-40

Current through 2023-2024 Legislative Session Chapter 374
Section 53-2-40 - Petition
(a) When an individual has died intestate and there has been no personal representative appointed in this state, any heir of the decedent may file a petition praying for an order that no administration is necessary. The petition shall be filed in the probate court of the county of the domicile of the decedent, if the decedent was domiciled in this state, or in the county in which real property is located, if the decedent was not domiciled in this state.
(b) The petition shall show: the name and domicile of the decedent; the names, ages or majority status, and domicile of the heirs of the decedent; a description of the property in this state owned by the decedent; that the estate owes no debts or that there are known debts and all creditors have consented or will be served as provided in Chapter 11 of this title; and that the heirs have agreed upon a division of the estate among themselves. The agreement containing original signatures of all the heirs, attested to by a clerk of the probate court or a notary public, shall be attached to the petition. Property subject to an outstanding security deed or agreement may be subject to this proceeding only if the holder of the security deed consents or is served and makes no objection.
(c) The personal representative of a deceased heir is authorized to agree to the division on behalf of that heir.
(d) In any case involving the approval of a petition for an order that no administration is necessary, where there is an interest in real property, the court shall file, within 30 days of granting such petition, a certified copy of the order granting the petition that no administration is necessary in each county in this state in which the deceased owned real property, to be recorded in the deed records of the county and indexed under the name of the deceased in the grantor index. Such order shall be accompanied by the same fee for filing deeds with the clerk of the superior court. The filing fee and any fee for the recording of such order shall be taxed as costs to the estate. The certified copy of the order granting the petition that no administration is necessary shall set forth:
(1) The date of the order granting such petition;
(2) The name and address of the deceased;
(3) The interest in the property acquired by each party; and
(4) The name and address of all parties that take title to the real property pursuant to the order issued by the court.

OCGA § 53-2-40

Amended by 2008 Ga. Laws 685,§ 8, eff. 7/1/2008.