Ga. Code § 29-3-6

Current through 2023-2024 Legilslative Session Chapter 3
Section 29-3-6 - Power to appoint conservator
(a) The court of the county in which a minor is found or in which the proposed conservator is domiciled shall have the power to appoint a conservator for the minor.
(b) If a nonresident minor has property in this state, the judge of the court of the county in which the property is located may appoint a conservator who shall have control only over such property.

OCGA § 29-3-6

Amended by 2006 Ga. Laws 766,§ 6, eff. 7/1/2006.
Added by 2004 Ga. Laws 460, § 1, eff. 7/1/2005.