Ga. Code § 21-2-50.1

Current through 2019 Chapter 321
Section 21-2-50.1 - Postponement and extension of qualifying periods for elections for public office during state of emergency; limitation

In the event the Governor declares that a state of emergency or disaster exists pursuant to Code Section 38-3-51 or a federal agency declares that a state of emergency or disaster exists, the Secretary of State is authorized to postpone or extend the qualifying periods provided in this chapter for the qualification of candidates seeking municipal, county, or state-wide office and to postpone the date of any primary, special primary, election, or special election in the affected area. The Secretary of State shall exercise the powers granted by this Code section carefully, and any such postponement or extension shall not exceed 45 days.

OCGA § 21-2-50.1

Amended by 2002 Ga. Laws 756, § 1, eff. 5/3/2002.

Added by 2001 Ga. Laws 164, §3, eff. 4/18/2001.