Ga. Code § 2-23-2

Current through 2021-2022 Regular Session Chapters 1-872 and 874-884
Section 2-23-2 - Intent

The intent of this chapter is to:

(1) Promote exploration of the cultivation and processing of hemp and the potential to open up new commercial markets for farmers and businesses through the sale of hemp products;
(2) Explore expansion of the state's hemp industry and allow farmers and businesses to begin to cultivate, handle, and process hemp and sell hemp products for commercial purposes;
(3) Encourage and empower research into growing hemp and creating hemp products at universities and in the private sector;
(4) Ultimately move the state and its citizens to the forefront of the hemp industry;
(5) Balance the desire to explore the cultivation and processing of hemp with public health, safety, and welfare regarding the potential for unwanted and unlawful uses of chemical elements of hemp; and
(6) Enable the department, licensees, and universities to promote the cultivation and processing of hemp and the commercial sale of hemp products.

OCGA § 2-23-2

Added by 2019 Ga. Laws 314,§ 1, eff. 5/10/2019.