Ga. Code § 16-6-11

Current through 2023-2024 Legislative Session Chapter 353
Section 16-6-11 - Pimping

A person commits the offense of pimping when he or she performs any of the following acts:

(1) Offers or agrees to procure a prostitute for another;
(2) Offers or agrees to arrange a meeting of persons for the purpose of prostitution;
(3) Directs or transports another person to a place when he or she knows or should know that the direction or transportation is for the purpose of prostitution;
(4) Receives money or other thing of value from a prostitute, without lawful consideration, knowing it was earned in whole or in part from prostitution; or
(5) Aids or abets, counsels, or commands another in the commission of prostitution or aids or assists in prostitution where the proceeds or profits derived therefrom are to be divided on a pro rata basis.

OCGA § 16-6-11

Amended by 2003 Ga. Laws 216, § 1, eff. 6/2/2003.