Ga. Code § 16-12-216

Current through 2021-2022 Regular Session Chapter 884
Section 16-12-216 - Bureau of Investigation, Access to Medical Cannabis Commission, and Composite Medical Board to jointly establish procedures to ensure compliance

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation shall be responsible for investigating any alleged criminal activities related to the activities of the licensees, and shall work with the commission and the Georgia Composite Medical Board to develop procedures to ensure that all activities of licensees are conducted in accordance with this part and the laws of this state. In addition to other powers and duties, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the commission, and the Georgia Composite Medical Board shall jointly establish procedures to ensure that no activities conducted under this part result in the illegal or recreational use of low THC oil, products, or manufacturing by-products and jointly establish any other procedures necessary to carry out its duties and responsibilities pursuant to this part.

OCGA § 16-12-216

Amended by 2021 Ga. Laws 141,§ 13, eff. 7/1/2021.
Added by 2019 Ga. Laws 27,§ 4, eff. 7/1/2019.