Ga. Code § 14-2-703

Current through 2021-2022 Regular Session Chapter 884
Section 14-2-703 - Court-ordered meeting
(a) The superior court of the county where a corporation's registered office is located may summarily order a meeting to be held:
(1) On application of any shareholder of the corporation if an annual meeting was not held within the earlier of six months after the end of a fiscal year of the corporation or 15 months after its last annual meeting; or
(2) On application of a shareholder who signed a demand for a special meeting valid under Code Section 14-2-702, if:
(A) Notice of the special meeting was not given within 30 days after the date the demand was delivered to the corporation's secretary; or
(B) The special meeting was not held in accordance with the notice.
(b) After notice to the corporation, the superior court may order that the meeting be deemed an annual meeting or a special meeting.

OCGA § 14-2-703