Ga. Code § 12-9-49

Current through 2023-2024 Legislative Session Chapter 709
Section 12-9-49 - Application to conduct emission inspections; certificate of authorization
(a) Any garage or other establishment which desires to conduct emission inspections shall submit to the director an application for a certificate of authorization under this article. Applications shall be made upon a form designated by the director and shall contain such information as may be required by the director.
(b) A certificate of authorization and certificate of emission inspection shall be issued only after the director has made a determination that the applicant's proposed inspection station will be properly equipped, has the necessary licensed mechanic inspectors to conduct inspections, and meets all other requirements of this article.
(c) The board shall not in any manner limit the number, location, and types of authorized inspection stations certified to operate in any nonattainment area, county, or any portion of a county or area. In no event shall the board enter into any contract or into a series of contracts the effect of which will be the realization of centralized testing.
(d) The director, prior to issuing a certificate of authorization, shall require proof that the applicant has either filed a bond or has obtained liability insurance in a form and amount satisfactory to the director to ensure compensation for any damage to a vehicle during an inspection or adjustment caused by negligence of the applicant or its agent.
(e) With respect to any certificate of authorization issued to any emission inspection station licensed, authorized, or certified by the department to inspect responsible motor vehicle emissions, responsible motor vehicle emission control equipment, and on-board diagnostic equipment for compliance with the requirements of this article, the following shall apply:
(1) The director shall ensure the operation of such official emission inspection stations of a number, at locations, and in a condition satisfactory to the director and in conformance with all standards, requirements, and specifications prescribed for such inspection stations, procedures, personnel, and equipment by the board pursuant to this article; and each official emission inspection station shall keep a record of inspections, reinspections, the results thereof, and certificates of inspection issued in a manner designated by the department and in conformance with any requirements for such records and reports prescribed by the board. All records required in this article to be maintained by an official emission inspection station shall be available for inspection at all reasonable times;
(2) Any official emission inspection station licensed, permitted, or established under this Code section shall be required to perform inspections on responsible motor vehicles in conformity with regulations or requirements established, prescribed, or promulgated by the board pursuant to this article. Such requirements shall ensure that uniform equipment is utilized and that emission inspections produce consistent results throughout affected areas of the state;
(3) A fee as provided in paragraphs (9) and (10) of subsection (a) of Code Section 12-9-46 shall be charged by each emission inspection station for performance of the emission inspection and inspection of emission control devices and on-board diagnostic equipment on responsible motor vehicles;
(4) The director shall supervise and cause inspections to be made of the emission inspection stations, licensed, authorized, or certified pursuant to this article and shall ensure compliance with all applicable requirements of, under, or pursuant to this article relating to such inspections, inspection stations, and inspection personnel;
(5) No certificate of authorization for an emission inspection station shall be assigned or transferred or used in any location other than the one designated on such certificate; and
(6) Every certificate of authorization for an emission inspection station and mechanic inspector license shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the station.

OCGA § 12-9-49