Ala. Code § 6-6-45

Current with legislation from the 2021 Second Special Session.
Section 6-6-45 - Execution of bond by plaintiff; discharge of levy

Such officer must, when the attachment is sued out otherwise than upon the ground that the defendant is a nonresident, further require the plaintiff, his agent, or attorney to execute a bond in double the amount claimed, with sufficient surety, payable to the defendant, with the condition that the plaintiff will prosecute the attachment to effect and pay the defendant all such damages as he may sustain by the wrongful or vexatious suing out of such attachment. When the attachment is sued out upon the ground that the defendant is a nonresident, such officer shall issue the writ with or without a bond being given, as the plaintiff may elect. If such attachment is issued without bond, that fact must be endorsed on the writ. Should the defendant before the return day thereof, in person or through his agent or attorney, make an unqualified appearance in the case, it is the duty of the clerk to issue notice to the plaintiff or his attorney of the fact of such appearance. Unless, within five days after the service of such notice, the plaintiff shall make bond payable to the defendant in double the amount sued for, such levy shall be discharged.

Ala. Code § 6-6-45 (1975)

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