Ala. Code § 40-12-399

Current through the 2022 Regular Session.
Section 40-12-399 - Records to be kept by licensees

Every licensee under this article shall keep books and records in such form as may be approved by the commissioner, in which he shall record the purchase, sale or exchange, or receipt for the purpose of sale of every motor vehicle purchased or sold or held for sale by him, which shall include a description of each vehicle, together with the name and address of the seller, purchaser or owner of vehicles held by him for sale. Such description shall include the identification number of each such vehicle and shall also include a statement that the identification number has been obliterated, defaced or changed if such is the fact.

Ala. Code § 40-12-399 (1975)

Acts 1978, No. 539, p. 597, §6.