Ala. Code § 36-33-1

Current with legislation from the 2021 Second Special Session.
Section 36-33-1 - Definitions

For the purposes of this chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the respective meanings ascribed by this section:

(1) EXECUTIVE SECURITY OFFICERS. Any persons designated by the Director of Public Safety to protect the Governor and his or her immediate family at the Governor's Mansion, or a former governor who is physically disabled.
(2) GOVERNOR-ELECT and LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR-ELECT and ATTORNEY GENERAL-ELECT. Such persons as are the apparent successful candidates for the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General, respectively, as ascertained from the results of any primary or general election held to determine the successors of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.
(3) OTHER OFFICERS NEXT IN THE ORDER OF SUCCESSION TO THE OFFICE OF GOVERNOR. The two persons next in order of succession to act as Governor after the Lieutenant Governor, in accordance with Article 5, Section 127, Constitution of Alabama of 1901, namely, the President Pro Tem of the Senate and the Speaker of the House, each until their successors are elected.
(4) PROTECTEE OF THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY. Such persons as are designated by the Governor or the Director of Public Safety to receive protection.

Ala. Code § 36-33-1 (1975)

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