Ala. Code § 36-26-27.1

Current with legislation from the 2021 Second Special Session.
Section 36-26-27.1 - Placement of disciplinary documents in the personnel file of a state employee

Notwithstanding any other laws, rules, or regulations to the contrary, when a document pertaining to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, written reprimands, suspensions, notes pertaining to oral reprimands or counselings regarding a state employee, or notes pertaining to matters that may be used regarding the employee in a disciplinary action are placed in the employee's personnel file, the agency which is the employer shall supply a copy of the documentation to the employee no later than 10 days after its inclusion in his or her personnel file. In the event that the information is not provided to the employee within 10 days as herein required, the reprimands or notes shall be removed from the employee's file and shall not be used against the employee in any future proceeding or disciplinary action.

Ala. Code § 36-26-27.1 (1975)

Act 99-401, p. 669, § 1.