Ala. Code § 36-16-11

Current with legislation from the 2021 Second Special Session.
Section 36-16-11 - Property Inventory Control Division - Property exempt from control

There is hereby expressly exempt from Sections 36-16-8 to 36-16-10, inclusive, all livestock, animals, farm and agricultural products and property owned or used by, or in connection with, or under control of, all public schools, universities, colleges, trade schools, Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind, State Library Service, and all fire control or fire rescue equipment acquired by the Alabama Forestry Commission from sources other than state agencies and subsequently donated to volunteer fire departments pursuant to Section 9-3-19; provided, Sections 36-16-8 to 36-16-10, inclusive, shall not apply to the Alabama hospitals for the insane and the Partlow State School and Hospital.

Ala. Code § 36-16-11 (1975)

Acts 1949, No. 627, p. 967, §4; Act 2000-212, p. 295, §1.