Ala. Code § 36-14-6

Current with legislation from the 2021 Second Special Session.
Section 36-14-6 - Disposal of certain books, acts, codes, etc. - Authorized; restrictions

The Secretary of State may dispose of, at public or private sale, in such quantities and at such price as may be deemed most expedient, all acts, journals, codes, department reports and all other books in his custody, excepting the codes of 1975; provided, that 10 copies of each series of the acts, 10 copies of the journal of each session of the House and Senate and 10 copies of the codes issued prior to 1975 shall be preserved and kept in the custody of the Secretary of State.

Ala. Code § 36-14-6 (1975)

Code 1907, §581; Code 1923, §786; Code 1940, T. 55, §189.