Ala. Code § 35-11-373

Current with legislation from 2024 effective through May 8, 2024.
Section 35-11-373 - Jurisdiction to determine matters connected with lien; appeals

In any case where the action, claim, counterclaim or demand accruing to the person to whom hospital care has been furnished has been reduced to judgment in a court having jurisdiction thereof, said court shall have full jurisdiction to determine the amount due on the lien on proper written petition by any party interested therein and shall have full power to adjudicate all matters in connection with said hospital lien and to provide by order of the court for the manner in which the proceeds of said judgment shall be distributed. A copy of said petition shall be served upon all other parties having any right to any part of the proceeds of said judgment and answer and proceedings thereon filed and conducted as provided by law. Any party to the proceedings on said petition shall have the right to appeal to the supreme court or court of civil appeals as in civil cases.

Ala. Code § 35-11-373 (1975)

Acts 1955, No. 488, p. 1098, §6.