Ala. Code § 32-8-61

Current through the 2020 Regular Session Acts 1 through 206
Section 32-8-61 - Perfection of security interests
(a) Unless excepted by this section, a security interest in a vehicle for which a certificate of title is required by the terms of this chapter is not valid against creditors of the owner or subsequent transferees or lienholders of the vehicle unless perfected as provided in this article.
(b) A security interest is perfected by the delivery to the department of the existing certificate of title, if any, an application for a certificate of title containing the name and address of the lienholder and the date of his security agreement and the required fee. It is perfected as of the time of its creation if the delivery is completed within 30 days thereafter, otherwise, as of the time of the delivery.

Ala. Code § 32-8-61 (1975)

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