Ala. Code § 12-2-7

Current through the 2021 Regular Session, Acts 1 through 19
Section 12-2-7 - Jurisdiction and powers of court generally

The Supreme Court shall have authority:

(1) To exercise appellate jurisdiction coextensive with the state, under such restrictions and regulations as are prescribed by law; but, in deciding appeals, no weight shall be given the decision of the trial judge upon the facts where the evidence is not taken orally before the judge, but in such cases the Supreme Court shall weigh the evidence and give judgment as it deems just.
(2) To exercise original jurisdiction in the issue and determination of writs of quo warranto and mandamus in relation to matters in which no other court has jurisdiction.
(3) To issue writs of injunction, habeas corpus, and such other remedial and original writs as are necessary to give to it a general superintendence and control of courts of inferior jurisdiction.
(4) To make and promulgate rules governing the administration of all courts and rules governing practice and procedure in all courts; provided, that such rules shall not abridge, enlarge, or modify the substantive right of any party nor affect the jurisdiction of circuit and district courts or venue of actions therein; and provided further, that the right of trial by jury as at common law and declared by Section 11 of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901 shall be preserved to the parties inviolate.
(5) To punish for contempts by the infliction of a fine not exceeding $100, and imprisonment not exceeding 10 days or both.
(6) To transfer to the Court of Civil Appeals, for determination by that court, any civil case appealed to the Supreme Court and within the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, except the following:
a. A case that the Supreme Court determines presents a substantial question of federal or state constitutional law.
b. A case that the Supreme Court determines involves a novel legal question, the resolution of which will have significant statewide impact.
c. A utility rate case appealed directly to the Supreme Court under the provisions of Section 37-1-140.
d. A bond validation proceeding appealed to the Supreme Court under the provisions of Section 6-6-754.
e. A bar disciplinary proceeding.
(7) To exercise such other powers as are or may be given to the Supreme Court by law.

Ala. Code § 12-2-7 (1975)

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