Cal. Welf. and Inst. Code § 993

Current through the 2022 Legislative Session.
Section 993 - Limit on amount of grants; use of grant funds
(a) No grant made pursuant to this chapter shall exceed three million dollars ($3,000,000) and each grant shall reflect the reasonable costs for acquisition and construction of a facility, taking into consideration its location, size, and proposed use.
(b) In a youth center facility that is acquired, renovated, or constructed in conjunction with other groups, funds received under this article may support only the following:
(1) That part of the facility used by qualifying youth.
(2) A proportionate share of the costs based on the extent of use of the facility by qualifying youth.
(c) Facilities shall be acquired, renovated, or constructed not later than three years from the date of any grant awarded unless the time is extended, for good cause, by the department.

Ca. Welf. and Inst. Code § 993

Added by Stats. 1998, Ch. 499, Sec. 2. Effective September 15, 1998.