Cal. Prob. Code § 1300

Current through the 2022 Legislative Session.
Section 1300 - Orders from which appeal maybe taken

In all proceedings governed by this code, an appeal may be taken from the making of, or the refusal to make, any of the following orders:

(a) Directing, authorizing, approving, or confirming the sale, lease, encumbrance, grant of an option, purchase, conveyance, or exchange of property.
(b) Settling an account of a fiduciary.
(c) Authorizing, instructing, or directing a fiduciary, or approving or confirming the acts of a fiduciary.
(d) Directing or allowing payment of a debt, claim, or cost.
(e) Fixing, authorizing, allowing, or directing payment of compensation or expenses of an attorney.
(f) Fixing, directing, authorizing, or allowing payment of the compensation or expenses of a fiduciary.
(g) Surcharging, removing, or discharging a fiduciary.
(h) Transferring the property of the estate to a fiduciary in another jurisdiction.
(i) Allowing or denying a petition of the fiduciary to resign.
(j) Discharging a surety on the bond of a fiduciary.
(k) Adjudicating the merits of a claim made under Part 19 (commencing with Section 850) of Division 2.

Ca. Prob. Code § 1300

Amended by Stats 2001 ch 417 (AB 873), s 4, eff. 1/1/2002.