Cal. Pen. Code § 13515.35

Current through the 2023 Legislative Session.
Section 13515.35 - Course on how to recognize and interact with person with autistic spectrum disorders
(a) The commission shall, upon the next regularly scheduled review of a training module relating to persons with disabilities, create and make available on DVD and may distribute electronically a course on how to recognize and interact with persons with autistic spectrum disorders. This course shall be designed for, and made available to, peace officers who are first responders to emergency situations.
(b) The training course shall be developed by the commission in consultation with the Department of Developmental Services and appropriate community, local, or other state organizations and agencies that have expertise in the area of autism spectrum disorders. The commission shall make the course available to law enforcement agencies in California.
(c) In addition to the duties contained in subdivisions (a) and (b), the commission shall distribute, as necessary, a training bulletin via the Internet to law enforcement agencies participating in the commission's program on the topic of autism spectrum disorders.

Ca. Pen. Code § 13515.35

Added by Stats 2008 ch 621 (SB 1531),s 1, eff. 1/1/2009.