Cal. Health & Saf. Code § 11391

Current through the 2021 Legislative Session
Section 11391 - Unlawful transport, import, sale, furnishing, or giving away of spores or mycelium capable of producing mushrooms
(a) Except as otherwise authorized by law, every person who transports, imports into this state, sells, furnishes, gives away, or offers to transport, import into this state, sell, furnish, or give away any spores or mycelium capable of producing mushrooms or other material which contain a controlled substance specified in paragraph (18) or (19) of subdivision (d) of Section 11054 for the purpose of facilitating a violation of Section 11390 shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail for a period of not more than one year or in the state prison.
(b) For purposes of this section, "transport" means to transport for sale.
(c) This section does not preclude or limit prosecution for any aiding and abetting or conspiracy offenses.

Ca. Health and Saf. Code § 11391

Amended by Stats 2015 ch 77 (AB 730),s 3, eff. 1/1/2016.