Cal. Gov. Code § 21201

Current through the 2023 Legislative Session.
Section 21201 - Retirement allowance canceled upon reinstatement from industrial disability; account credited with actuarial equivalent of annuity at date of reinstatement

When any person is reinstated from industrial disability retirement under Sections 21191 and 21197, his or her retirement allowance shall be canceled immediately, and he or she shall become a member of this system as of the date of reinstatement. His or her individual account shall be credited with an amount that is the actuarial equivalent of his or her annuity at the date of reinstatement, not to exceed the amount of his or her accumulated contributions as it was at the date of retirement. Upon subsequent retirement, the board shall resume the payment of his or her previous industrial disability retirement allowance using the highest compensation earnable during any period of membership, notwithstanding Section 20036, to recalculate the industrial disability retirement allowance. The member shall receive, in addition to the disability retirement allowance from the employment in which he or she was granted the industrial disability retirement, an annuity purchased with his or her accumulated normal contributions made in respect to other employment covered by this system. If the member is qualified for service retirement, he or she shall receive his or her service retirement allowance, in lieu of the industrial retirement allowance, if the service retirement allowance is greater.

Ca. Gov. Code § 21201

Amended 9/29/1999 (Bill Number: SB 400) (Chapter 555).