Cal. Gov. Code § 19572

Current through the 2023 Legislative Session.
Section 19572 - Causes for discipline

Each of the following constitutes cause for discipline of an employee, or of a person whose name appears on any employment list:

(a) Fraud in securing appointment.
(b) Incompetency.
(c) Inefficiency.
(d) Inexcusable neglect of duty.
(e) Insubordination.
(f) Dishonesty.
(g) Drunkenness on duty.
(h) Intemperance.
(i) Addiction to the use of controlled substances.
(j) Inexcusable absence without leave.
(k) Conviction of a felony or conviction of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude. A plea or verdict of guilty, or a conviction following a plea of nolo contendere, to a charge of a felony or any offense involving moral turpitude is deemed to be a conviction within the meaning of this section.
(l) Immorality.
(m) Discourteous treatment of the public or other employees.
(n) Improper political activity.
(o) Willful disobedience.
(p) Misuse of state property.
(q) Violation of this part or of a board rule.
(r) Violation of the prohibitions set forth in accordance with Section 19990.
(s) Refusal to take and subscribe any oath or affirmation that is required by law in connection with the employment.
(t) Other failure of good behavior either during or outside of duty hours, which is of such a nature that it causes discredit to the appointing authority or the person's employment.
(u) Any negligence, recklessness, or intentional act that results in the death of a patient of a state hospital serving the mentally disabled or the developmentally disabled.
(v) The use during duty hours, for training or target practice, of any material that is not authorized for that use by the appointing power.
(w) Unlawful discrimination, including harassment, on any basis listed in subdivision (a) of Section 12940, as those bases are defined in Sections 12926 and 12926.1, except as otherwise provided in Section 12940, against the public or other employees while acting in the capacity of a state employee.
(x) Unlawful retaliation against any other state officer or employee or member of the public who in good faith reports, discloses, divulges, or otherwise brings to the attention of, the Attorney General or any other appropriate authority, any facts or information relative to actual or suspected violation of any law of this state or the United States occurring on the job or directly related to the job.

Ca. Gov. Code § 19572

Amended by Stats 2004 ch 788 (AB 2900),s 8, eff. 1/1/2005