Cal. Code Civ. Proc. § 1312

Current through the 2023 Legislative Session.
Section 1312 - Order or decree of distribution in decedent's estate or vesting title in state

Whenever money or other property is paid to the State or any officer or employee thereof under the provisions of this title, and such money or other property has been covered by a decree of distribution in a decedent's estate, or by an order or decree of a court ordering such payment or adjudging that title to such property has vested in the State, the person transmitting such money or other property to the Treasurer or Controller shall, at the time of such transmittal, furnish to the Controller a certified copy of each court order or decree, and of each court order correcting or amending the same, covering such money or other property.

Ca. Civ. Proc. Code § 1312

Added by Stats. 1951, Ch. 1708.