Cal. Civ. Proc. Code § 708.140

Current through the 2019 Legislative Session
Section 708.140 - Referee conducting proceedings
(a) The examination proceedings authorized by this article may be conducted by a referee appointed by the court. The referee may issue, modify, or vacate an order authorized by Section 708.205, may make a protective order authorized by Section 708.200, and may issue a warrant authorized by Section 708.170, and has the same power as the court to grant adjournments, to preserve order, and to subpoena witnesses to attend the examination, but only the court that ordered the reference has power to do the following:
(1) Punish for contempt for disobeying an order of the referee.
(2) Make an award of attorney's fees pursuant to Section 708.170.
(3) Determine a contested claim of exemption or determine a third-party claim under Section 708.180.
(b) Only a member of the State Bar of California is eligible for appointment as a referee pursuant to this article. A person who was duly appointed as a referee prior to July 1, 1983, pursuant to the law in operation at the time of appointment, and who is available to perform the duties of a referee on July 1, 1983, shall be exempt from the requirements of this subdivision.
(c) Nothing in subdivision (a) limits the power of a court to appoint a temporary judge pursuant to Section 21 of Article VI of the California Constitution.

Ca. Civ. Proc. Code § 708.140