Cal. Code Civ. Proc. § 651

Current through the 2023 Legislative Session.
Section 651 - Generally
(a) On its own motion or on the motion of a party, where the court finds that such a view would be proper and would aid the trier of fact in its determination of the case, the court may order a view of any of the following:
(1) The property which is the subject of litigation.
(2) The place where any relevant event occurred.
(3) Any object, demonstration, or experiment, a view of which is relevant and admissible in evidence in the case and which cannot with reasonable convenience be viewed in the courtroom.
(b) On such occasion, the entire court, including the judge, jury, if any, court reporter, if any, and any necessary officers, shall proceed to the place, property, object, demonstration, or experiment to be viewed. The court shall be in session throughout the view. At the view, the court may permit testimony of witnesses. The proceedings at the view shall be recorded to the same extent as the proceedings in the courtroom.

Ca. Civ. Proc. Code § 651

Added by Stats. 1975, Ch. 301.