Cal. Code Civ. Proc. § 285.2

Current through the 2023 Legislative Session.
Section 285.2 - Withdrawal of legal service agency attorney if reduction of public funding impairs ability to represent indigent client

If a reduction in public funding for legal service materially impairs a legal service agency attorney's ability to represent an indigent client, the court, on its own motion or on the motion of either the client or attorney, shall permit the withdrawal of such attorney upon a showing that all of the following apply:

(a) There are not adequate public funds to continue the effective representation of the indigent client.
(b) A good faith effort was made to find alternate representation for such client.
(c) All reasonable steps to reduce the legal prejudice to the client have been taken.

A showing of indigency of the client, in and of itself, will not be deemed sufficient cause to deny the application for withdrawal.

Ca. Civ. Proc. Code § 285.2

Added by Stats. 1983, Ch. 279, Sec. 1.