Ark. Code § 16-47-108

Current with legislation from the 2023 Regular and First Extraordinary Sessions.
Section 16-47-108 - Validation of instruments affecting title to property

All deeds, conveyances, deeds of trust, mortgages, marriage contracts, and other instruments in writing, affecting or purporting to affect the title to any real estate or personal property situated in this state, which have been recorded and which are defective or ineffectual:

(1) Because of failure to comply with § 18-12-403; or
(2) Because the officer who certified the acknowledgment or acknowledgments to such instruments omitted any words required by law to be in the certificate or acknowledgments; or
(3) Because the officer failed or omitted to attach his seal to such certificate; or
(4) Because the officer attached to any such certificate a seal not bearing the words and devices required by law; or
(5) Because the officer was a mayor of a city or an incorporated town in the State of Arkansas and as such was not authorized to certify to executions and acknowledgments to such instruments, or was the deputy of an official duly authorized by law to take acknowledgments but whose deputy was not so authorized; or
(6) Because the notary public failed to state the date of the expiration of his commission on the certificate of acknowledgment, or incorrectly stated it thereon; or
(7) Because the officer incorrectly dated the certificate of acknowledgment or failed to state the county wherein the acknowledgment was taken; or
(8) Because the acknowledgment was certified in any county of the State of Arkansas by any person holding an unexpired commission as notary public under the laws of the state who had, at the time of the certification, ceased to be a resident of the county within and for which he or she was commissioned;

shall be as binding and effectual as though the certificate of acknowledgment or proof of execution was in due form, bore the proper seal, and was certified to by a duly authorized officer.

Ark. Code § 16-47-108

Acts 1955, No. 101, § 1; A.S.A. 1947, § 49-213.