Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 8-236

Current through L. 2024, ch. 187
Section 8-236 - Cooperation
A. Every public official and department shall render all assistance and cooperation within the official's or department's jurisdictional power which may further the objects of this chapter. An institution or agency to which the juvenile court awards a juvenile shall give the court, an officer appointed by the court or the county attorney any information concerning the juvenile as the court, the officer or the county attorney may require.
B. The juvenile court or the county attorney may seek the cooperation of organizations whose object is to protect or aid children and family life. The juvenile court or the county attorney in each county may establish, or assist in the establishment of, any other public council or committee having as its object the prevention of juvenile delinquency, including community based alternative programs. The juvenile court or county attorney may cooperate with, or participate in, the work of any council or committee for the purpose of preventing or decreasing juvenile delinquency, including improving recreational, health and other conditions in the community affecting juvenile welfare.

A.R.S. § 8-236