Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 5-107

Current through L. 2024, ch. 202
Section 5-107 - Nature of racing meeting permits; application for permit; cash deposit; return; bond; conditions and priorities for satisfaction of bond
A. Permits to conduct racing meetings are deemed to be personal in nature, are nontransferable and shall terminate on a substantial change of ownership of the permittee. The sale or transfer of twenty-five percent or more of the equity of a permittee shall be considered a substantial change of ownership. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed so as to cause the termination of a permit on the death of the permittee, or if a corporation, the death of a shareholder thereof, during the period for which such permit was granted.
B. Every applicant making application for a permit to hold a racing meeting shall file an application with the commission. The commission shall promulgate rules and regulations regarding application procedures. The application shall include:
1. The full name and address of the applicant, and if a corporation, the name of the state under which it is incorporated. If such applicant is an association or corporation, the residence addresses of the members of the association and the names of all directors of the corporation shall be included, and the stock certificate records of such applicant shall be made available to the department on request of the director. The department shall be notified within ten days of the election of any new officer or director of a permittee, and the identity of every person who acquires ten percent or more of a permittee's equity or interest. Each new officer, director or substantial owner shall furnish all information requested by the department to facilitate approval of his participation in racing in this state.
2. The exact location where it is desired to conduct or hold a racing meeting.
3. A statement as to whether or not the racing plant is owned or leased, and if leased, the name and residence of the fee owner, or if a corporation, the names and addresses of the directors of the corporation.
4. A complete financial statement and balance sheet of the person, corporation or other business entity making such application, completed and certified by a certified public accountant. In the case of applications for renewal of dog racing meeting permits that were in existence before May 5, 1972, such financial statement and balance sheet shall be on a calendar year basis. In the case of applications for renewal of horse or harness racing meeting permits that were in existence before May 5, 1972, such financial statement and balance sheet shall be on a fiscal year basis. In the case of all new permit applications made from and after May 5, 1972, and renewal applications of such permits, such financial statement and balance sheet shall be on either a calendar year or fiscal year basis, at the discretion of the department. In addition, the application shall identify any guarantors or any indebtedness of the applicant, and the department shall be provided, on request, with a statement from a certified public accountant certifying that the net worth of any guarantor or guarantors is at least equal to the amount of the unpaid indebtedness so guaranteed. Applications for racing meetings operated by county fair racing associations are exempt from this paragraph.
5. A complete list of all management and concession contracts in effect at the time of the application, copies of which shall be furnished to the department on request. If the applicant is granted a permit he shall further be required, on the request of the department, to submit a complete list of all subsequent management and concession contracts, and copies of such contracts shall be submitted to the department on request.
6. Such other relevant and material information pertaining to the application as the department may require.
C. Not less than ten days before the commencement of a commercial racing meeting, the permittee shall submit to the department a cash deposit in such amount, but not to exceed five thousand dollars, as the director deems necessary to insure payment of fees and the amount due the state as the percentage of pari-mutuel receipts payable to the state as prescribed by law. On termination of the racing meeting, the deposit shall be returned to the applicant, less any fees or pari-mutuel receipts remaining unpaid.
D. In addition to the cash deposit and before the issuance of a racing meeting permit, the applicant shall deposit with the department a bond payable to the state for the benefit of the state and any person covered by this section, in such amount, but not to exceed three hundred thousand dollars in the case of horse or harness racing meeting permittees, as the director deems necessary, with a surety or sureties to be approved by the department and the attorney general and conditioned in accordance with the following order of priorities:
1. That the permittee shall first faithfully pay to the state the percentage of the pari-mutuel receipts, as applicable, prescribed by law and all taxes due to the state.
2. That thereafter the permittee shall pay to the owner thereof all funds held by the permittee for the account of such owner, including purses won, if such owner is or has been licensed by the department.
3. That thereafter the permittee shall pay all salaries and wages due to the employees of such permittee in connection with the conduct of the racing meeting.
4. That thereafter the permittee shall pay all amounts due to the breeder of any horse for a breeder's award.
E. Any person, including the state, claiming against the bond may maintain an action at law against the permittee and the surety or sureties, and the surety or sureties may be sued on the bond in successive actions until the penal sum thereof is exhausted. If it appears that there is more than one claim on such bond or if it appears that the state may have an interest therein, the state or any other claimant may move the court in which such actions are filed to intervene or to consolidate such actions to determine the priority order of claims in accordance with subsection D of this section. No suit may be commenced on the bond after the expiration of one year following the day of the closing of the racing meeting during which any act or failure to act giving rise to a claim against the bond shall arise.
F. The bond prescribed by this section shall be effective for the period of the racing permit granted by the commission, and the liability of the surety for all claims shall be limited to the face amount of the bond. If the surety desires to make payment without awaiting court action, the amount of any bond filed in compliance with this chapter shall be reduced to the extent of any payments made by such surety in good faith thereunder. Any such payment shall be based first on the priority of claim order as established by subsection D of this section and thereafter on the priority of the date the written claims are received by the surety before court action.

A.R.S. § 5-107

Amended by L. 2017, ch. 41,s. 7, eff. 8/9/2017.