Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 46-134

Current through L. 2024, ch. 259
Section 46-134 - Powers and duties; expenditure; limitation

The state department shall:

1. Administer all forms of public relief and assistance except those that by law are administered by other departments, agencies or boards.
2. Develop a section of rehabilitation for the visually impaired that shall include a sight conservation section, a vocational rehabilitation section in accordance with the federal vocational rehabilitation act, a vending stand section in accordance with the federal Randolph-Sheppard act and an adjustment service section that shall include rehabilitation teaching and other social services deemed necessary, and shall cooperate with similar agencies already established. The administrative officer and staff of the section for the blind and visually impaired shall be employed only in the work of that section.
3. Assist other departments, agencies and institutions of the state and federal governments, when requested, by performing services in conformity with the purposes of this title.
4. Act as agent of the federal government in furtherance of any functions of the state department.
5. Carry on research and compile statistics relating to the entire public welfare program throughout this state, including all phases of dependency and defectiveness.
6. Cooperate with the superior court in cases of delinquency and related problems.
7. Develop plans in cooperation with other public and private agencies for the prevention and treatment of conditions giving rise to public welfare and social security problems.
8. Make necessary expenditures in connection with the duties specified in paragraphs 5, 6, 7, 13 and 14 of this subsection.
9. Have the power to apply for, accept, receive and expend public and private gifts or grants of money or property on the terms and conditions as may be imposed by the donor and for any purpose provided for by this chapter.
10. Make rules, and take action necessary or desirable to carry out the provisions of this title, that are not inconsistent with this title.
11. Administer any additional welfare functions required by law.
12. If a tribal government elects to operate a cash assistance program in compliance with the requirements of the United States department of health and human services, with the review of the joint legislative budget committee, provide matching monies at a rate that is consistent with the applicable fiscal year budget and that is not more than the state matching rate for the aid to families with dependent children program as it existed on July 1, 1994.
13. Furnish a federal, state or local law enforcement officer, at the request of the officer, with the current address of any recipient if the officer furnishes the agency with the name of the recipient and notifies the agency that the recipient is a fugitive felon or a probation, parole or community supervision violator or has information that is necessary for the officer to conduct the official duties of the officer and the location or apprehension of the recipient is within these official duties.
14. In conjunction with Indian tribal governments, request a federal waiver from the United States department of agriculture that will allow tribal governments that perform eligibility determinations for temporary assistance for needy families programs to perform the food stamp eligibility determinations for persons who apply for services pursuant to section 36-2901, paragraph 6, subdivision (a). If the waiver is approved, the state shall provide the state matching monies for the administrative costs associated with the food stamp eligibility based on federal guidelines. As part of the waiver, the department shall recoup from a tribal government all federal fiscal sanctions that result from inaccurate eligibility determinations.

A.R.S. § 46-134

Amended by L. 2015, ch. 257,s. 32, eff. 7/2/2015.
Amended by L. 2014SP2, ch. 1,s. 148, eff. 5/29/2014.