Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 41-1953

Current through L. 2024, ch. 259
Section 41-1953 - Department organization; deputy director; assistant directors
A. The director may establish, abolish or reorganize the positions or organizational units within the department to carry out the functions provided by section 41-1954, subject to legislative appropriation, if in the director's judgment the modification of organization would make the operation of the department more efficient, effective or economical. The director or the director's deputy shall enforce cooperation among the divisions in the provision and integration of all functions on the district and local level.
B. The director shall appoint a deputy director of the department with the advice and consent of the governor. The deputy director shall serve at the pleasure of the director. The deputy director shall be directly responsible for the operation and coordination of those services of the department concerning initial intake, screening, evaluation and referral of persons served by the department.
C. The director shall appoint an assistant director to head each organizational unit that the director may establish. Each assistant director shall serve at the pleasure of the director.
D. To the maximum extent possible, the director shall establish separate investigation units for the purpose of investigating allegations of dependency, abuse and neglect according to protocols established pursuant to section 8-817.
E. The department succeeds to the authority, powers, duties and responsibilities of the following:
1. The employment security commission of Arizona and its Arizona state employment service, unemployment compensation and administrative service divisions.
2. The state department of public welfare.
3. The division of vocational rehabilitation.
4. The state office of economic opportunity.
5. The state office of manpower planning.
6. The state department of mental retardation.
F. In the statutes, references to the agencies and departments listed in subsection E shall be deemed to be references to the department of economic security or its appropriate divisions, offices or organizational units.

A.R.S. § 41-1953