Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 34-241

Current through L. 2024, ch. 202
Section 34-241 - Eligibility of contractors on public works; preferred contractors; eligibility of subcontractor; definitions
A. In awarding the contract for work to be paid for from public funds, bids of contractors, who are licensed under title 32, chapter 1 or chapter 10, who have satisfactorily performed prior public contracts, and who have paid real or personal property taxes assessed under title 42 for at least two consecutive years in an amount of at least two hundred dollars per year immediately prior to submitting a bid on a plant and equipment such as may be used in the performance of the contract for which the bid is submitted, or on other real or personal property in the state equivalent in value to such plant or equipment, shall be deemed a better bid than the bid of a competing contractor who has not paid such taxes, whenever the bid of the competing contractor is less than five per cent lower, and the contractor making a bid, as provided by this section, which is deemed the better bid, shall be awarded the contract. The location of the home office of the contractor is not a factor in a determination of preference pursuant to this section.
B. No contract awarded for public work shall be sublet to a subcontractor who has not paid taxes as required by this section.
C. For purposes of this section:
1. "Satisfactorily performed prior public contracts" means that the contractor has completed a public works contract with any agent or with the United States or any of its instrumentalities.
2. "Two consecutive years immediately prior to submitting a bid" means the two tax years immediately preceding submitting the bid. One of the years may be the year in which the bid is submitted. If the second year is the year in which the bid is submitted, the tax payments must be for a complete tax year. Prorated tax payments do not qualify as payment for a complete tax year. Installment tax payments do not qualify as payment for a complete tax year until all installments are paid.

A.R.S. § 34-241